Army Combat Training School

The school of Infantry was predated by the West Africa Command Jungle Battle School in Nigeria in 1940-43. In 1945, the Jungle Battle School (Minor Tactics, Weapon, and Physical Training Wings) moved to the Gold Coast where it was re-designated the West Africa Command Training School (WACTS). It was after the School of Education moved to the Gold Coast in 1946 that WACTS was re-designated the West African School of Infantry and Education (WASIE).

The School of Infantry was established in 1960 from WASIE. It was disbanded in February 1986 when NCO Courses were transferred 4 Training Battalion and AFTS, Kumasi. Officer command and leadership courses remained at Teshie and were designated Officer Training Wing (OTW) in December 1986 even though the respective courses were run at the Shai Hills up to December 1991. When the AFTS was disbanded  in the same year, NCO courses reverted to OTW, Teshie. The new OTW establishment was then re-designated Army Combat Training School (ACTS) in December  1991 for Officers and Other Ranks command, leadership and weapons courses.