Airborne Force


The History of the Airborne Force dates back to 1961 when the Ghana Armed Forces Command as part of the expansion programme of the Armed Forces, decided to establish an elite parachute commando unit for the Ghana Armed Forces. It started as Airborne Training School at the old Tamale Airport at Nyoni. Its assigned roles were to train troops Ghana Armed Forces for Airborne Operations reinforcement troops on the battlefield and Cargo Airdrop.

On 11 Apr 1963, authority was given for the formation of a Para Bn located at Kamina Barracks. On the 10 Oct 1970, the unit was re-designated as the Airborne Force (ABF) and unit relocated to its present location Barwah Barracks, co-located with the Air Force for easy coordination and interoperability. Since the formation of the unit, training of most qualified Parachute Jumping Instructors/Riggers and Para fitters were done in the UK, USA, Korea and China. These efforts have assisted in the sustenance of the training of unit personnel and other personnel for the Ghana Armed Forces. The Airborne Force since its establishment has trained over 2,500 all ranks without any casualties.

Due to the current threat of terrorism in the sub-region, the Ghana Armed Forces has introduced a new promulgation to increase the unit strength to appreciatable status. This is aimed at making the unit a Special Forces unit to help deal effectively with emerging threat of terrorism.